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Phrases of Praise

Phrases of Praise


The more specific you can be in giving

praise to your employees, the better.

For example:

“Great job handling the staff meeting this morning.”

“I liked the way you resolved that client problem.”

“Very thorough report.”

Although I’m sure employees will also appreciate a quick one or two word acknowledgement such as “thank you” and “I appreciate it.”   Here are some of my favorites:

“Nice Job” “Good work” “Super” “Wonderful job” “Fantastic” “You rock!” “Superb” “Awesome” “Perfect” “Excellent” “Nice try” “I’m proud of you” “Love it” “Brilliant” “Incredible” “Well done” “Yeah!” “Great participation” “Marvelous” “Woo Hoo!” “Magnificent” “Outstanding” “You got it” “Congratulations”