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What Annoys Employees at Work?

What Annoys Employees at Work?  Sarita’s Informal Survey  In the 18+ years that I’ve spoken at companies, campuses and conferences on staying positive and working together better, I have received feedback from hundreds of employees on what annoys them at work.  This feedback falls into four categories:  1. Lack of appreciation 2. No big picture 3. Lack of belonging 4. Slackers not confronted   Let’s look at…

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Ask for More

Ask for More:  How to Receive Negative Feedback Without Getting Defensive We spend a lot of time and energy figuring out how to constructively GIVE negative feedback. How do we respond when we RECEIVE it?  Do we respond gracefully or do we get defensive? One of my first mentors suggested that we ASK FOR MORE!  I often share the example of…

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