Satisfied Clients

“You were very pleasant and easy to work with – a meeting planner’s dream. Your high energy level and your ability to get the audience involved were key to the success of our conference.”   
Toni Pugmire, Idaho Hospital Association
“Your lively presentation not only entertained our attendees, but also provided them with some great tactics for dealing with workplace stress and succeeding despite workplace challenges.”   –Robert J. Carey, Department of the Navy
“Sarita, your high energy presentation to over 2300 counselors was EXCELLENT! We appreciated your stories about real life situations. You actively engaged the audience with humor while making a point and gave us strategies to better ourselves! Sarita, you are a fabulous speaker who makes learning fun.”
–Debra Bettis Britton, Ed.D., Texas Counseling Association
“You effectively invited your audience’s participation.  They eagerly accepted your invitation.”  –-Kurt Hagel, Downey Savings and Loan
“As a committee chair, I cannot express enough what a pleasure it was to work with you before the conference. You are extremely organized, know your material and always followed through on anything you committed to do for us. Your flexibility was helpful to us as we tailored the presentations to our audience.”
–Dolores Harper, American Association for Women in Community Colleges
 “Sarita’s keynote was the perfect way to conclude the conference…her standing ovation was well deserved.” 
–John Bowen, Wisconsin School Counselor Association

 “Many attendees commented that your presentation was the highlight of the conference. What a great way to begin the week!”
–Linnet Baskett, Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals


“I have received rave reviews about your presentation. You accomplished all that we had hoped for, and more.”
–Mae Brown, University of California


“According to the feedback, 100% of those attending rated Sarita’s presentation in the EXCELLENT category! You can’t get much better than that!” 
–Pattie Vargas, American Business Women’s Association (ABWA)



“Sarita thanks so much for creating such a positive and high energy beginning to this conference.” 
–Jim Koontz, California Association of Health Facilities


“Sarita’s professionalism, personality and program were all exceptional!  
–Bob Philbrick, Club Managers Association of America (CMAA)

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