Rude or Respectful?

Are you Rude or Respectful? In a poll of my monthly email Communique’ (eNewsletter) readers last month, I received the following responses to the question:  “What cell phone bad behavior annoys you the most?”   I’ve cut and paste the actual responses below. Read on and see if—yikes!—you recognize yourself in any of these rude cell phone scenarios…or are you more respectful?

  • “I can’t stand it when no one else is around in a public space and the one person near you is talking on a cell phone.  Could be public transportation, standing in line, etc.  (Don’t they know it’s their job to talk to me and keep me entertained?!)”

  • “Shouting into the phone. Really?”

  • “Talking on their cell phone in a small room and telling others to hush so they can talk or I just hear their whole conversation.”

  • “People who continue to talk on their cell phones in their vehicles WHILE DRIVING.”

  • “People who walk around the grocery store and other places where people are shopping…talk, talk, talking on their phones.”


  • “People are somewhere paying for something, gas station, fast food restaurant AND my home away from home, Starbucks, and they continue to talk away.”

  • “In line behind a lady at grocery store whose cell rang just as the clerk completed the total amount. What did the woman do? COMPLETE her phone conversation before she started to get her wallet out to pay!!!!”

  • “Receiving a call and the person is doing multiple things while talking to you or having another conversation while you are in the line”

  • “People using cell phones during meetings”

  • “Texting during meetings”  
  • “What drives me absolutely mad are people who talk loudly on their cell phones in restaurants as well as those who text vs. enjoying the company of friends over a nice meal.”

  • “Not watching where you are going while walking and bumping into people…oh and not saying excuse me! REALLY!!!!”

  • “I hate hate hate it when people put their phone on speaker to hold a conversation in a public setting.”

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