Golden Nuggets

Golden Nuggets

After speaking at a recent western-themed staff appreciation event, I was inspired to do a little mining for the golden nuggets in my popular presentation “How to Stay Positive and Focused in Uncertain Times.”  Here’s what I dug up!

  1. In times of uncertainty and challenge your big picture serves as a “true north” which can be helpful in making decisions.  Do you have a big picture for your life, not just for your career?

  2. The Top 5 people we associate with are who we become. Do you need an upgrade?

  3. Use your sense of humor to cope and connect. Can you see the levity in a difficult situation?  Are there “inside jokes” that only you and your closest colleagues understand?

  4. “Speak in such a way that others love listening to you and LISTEN in such a way that others love speaking to you.”

  5. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  -John Maxwell

  1. Use consultative phrases to pull rank when you have no rank to pull: “Would it be possible to?” “What do you think about?” and “Would you be willing to?”  (See 50 Phrases for All Occasions)

  2. If you don’t like something change it.  If you can’t change it, change your attitude.  Don’t complain. – Maya Angelou

  3. Use the 3’ps for staying positive. Remember:  It’s not PERSONAL.  It’s not PERMANENT.  (This too shall pass!) Don’t let a negative situation ruin your big PICTURE!

  4. Set a worthy goal—and meet the challenge—to rekindle your passion. To determine your worthy goal, complete the phrase “someday I will…” (i.e.-build my dream house, write a book, buy an RV and travel…) Now, what ONE step can you take this week to start moving in in that direction?

  5. Use your “resiliency resources” to stay positive. In other words, what activities or hobbies nourish you and give you the all-is-well-in-the-universe feeling?
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