Work Together Better

Speak so they listen to you. Listen so they speak to you.

In my communication keynotes and workshops, I frequently share this popular quote: “Speak so that others love listening to you. Listen so that others love speaking to you.” What I love sharing even more is HOW you go about doing that. How do you get a positive reaction from others when you speak…and when you listen? I sometimes share jokingly—truth…

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How to Be Content

  “What brief thought would YOU share with young women on how to be content…even in tough times?” That’s the question that I recently posted on Facebook in preparation for a super-short presentation on “contentment”…and the responses I received are useful to EVERYONE, not just young women. I could have bypassed the opportunity to post this question. I could have…

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Back to S.C.H.O.O.L

Back to S.C.H.O.O.L. My daughter is grown and out of the nest!  However, August still feels like back-to-school time for me because it’s a month that I’m usually speaking to education groups to kick off the academic year. Three of my five paid speaking engagements this month have been on university campuses.  I facilitated two staff retreats and served as…

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