Listening Riddles

Listening Riddles

Test your staff–or friends–with these listening riddles.  See how well they “listen between the lines.”  Read each question clearly and slowly, only once.  Do not repeat the question.

1. Is there a federal law against a man’s marrying his widow’s sister?

2. How many animals of species did Moses bring aboard the ark with him doing the great flood?

3. According to International Law, if an airplane crashed on the exact border between two countries, would the unidentified survivors buried in the country they were travelling to, or the country they were travelling from?

4. A man builds an ordinary house with four sides, except each side has a southern expose.  A bear comes to the door and rings the doorbell. What color is the bear?

5. You are the bus driver.  You drive three blocks and pick up two people.  You drive three more blocks and one person gets off.  You drive around the corner and pick up five people.  How old is the bus driver?

Listening Riddles – Answer Key
1. No need for a law against a man marrying his widow’s sister.  If he has a widow, that means he’s dead.
2. Moses brought no animals aboard the ark.  Noah, however, brought two of each species.
3. Unidentified SURVIVORS would not be buried.
4. The bear is white.  A house with four southern exposures would be at the North Pole, so it must be a polar bear.5. How old is the bus driver?  However old YOU are.  Afterall, question starts by stating that “YOU are the bus driver.”