Change/Uncertain Times

How to Stay Positive and Focused in Uncertain Times

ALTERNATE TITLE:  Adapting, Succeeding & Thriving in the Workplace

The ability to stay positive and productive in the face of change, challenges and uncertain times is essential for career success. In this interactive presentation, you will learn how to stay motivated, respond to workplace challenges and rekindle passion for your career.

Presentation highlights include:

  • Seven steps for thriving on change
  • How to cope with workplace situations that are beyond your control
  • Twelve motivators that can keep you motivated at work
  • Five ways to rekindle passion for your career
  • How to communicate concerns in a way that will get the results you desire
  • How to effectively protect yourself from the negativity of others
  • How to use your “resiliency resources” to bounce back from adversity

    “Adapting, Succeeding and Thriving in the Workplace”

    Thanks to a referral, I had an opportunity in 2002 to collaborate with Hewlett Packard.  I created and presented a customized half-day workshop entitled “Adapting, Succeeding and Thriving in the Workplace” at seven of their locations that would be impacted by the HP-Compaq merger that year.

    This topic turned out to be quite timely—only six months after the 9/11 tragedy—and quickly became a way for me to help my other clients provide hope, inspiration and positive direction to their staffs during those uncertain times. 

    Since creating this topic in 2002, it has become one of my most popular keynotes as well as a frequent conference breakout session and staff development workshop topic.

    I continue to offer the original title “Adapting, Succeeding and Thriving in the Workplace” as an alternate to the updated title “How to Stay Positive and Focused in Uncertain Times.” 

    This topic is ideal for clients who want to:

    • Prepare their team for forthcoming change and/or uncertainty
    • Revitalize, energize and boost staff morale
    • Celebrate, recognize and reward employees at a special event or conference

    Please take a look at client list and client testimonials.  See below for an example of content provided in this presentation.  

    I look forward to collaborating with you!  Sarita

    Workplace Motivators:  Which ones motivate you?

    • Recognition
    • Being able to work independently
    • A sense of belonging
    • Interesting projects
    • Challenging projects
    • Opportunity to learn
    • Opportunity to move into leadership roles
    • Being respected for abilities
    • Opportunity to make a difference
    • Authority; being empowered
    • Being inspired by an effective leader
    • Job Security


Sarita speaking on Adapting, Succeeding and Thriving in the Workplace to 400 professional staff at University of California – San Diego