Communicating For Success

“Communicating for Success”

In this interactive presentation, you will learn how to communicate in a way that gets your ideas heard and encourages the cooperation of others. Sarita will also share her Top Ten Positive Communication Phrases and her two “green jello” principles of conflict resolution.

Presentation highlights include:

  • Find out what your body language is saying
  • How to overcome barriers to listening
  • How to receive feedback without getting defensive
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Giving Constructive Criticism
  • Sarita’s Top Ten Positive Communication Phrases
  • Three Step Communication Model
  • Sarita’s “green jello” principles of conflict resolution

    “Communicating for Success”

    I was happy to be spending Valentine’s Day—February 14, 2011—at a resort in Puerto Rico, a destination I had long hoped to visit….while speaking on my favorite evergreen topic “Communicating for Success.”

    On that day I was presenting “Communicating for Success: The Leadership Edition” at an annual conference for top finance managers and leaders of Sodexo, a Quality of Life Services company.

    A timely topic since day one of my business, “Communicating for Success” has been popular with both large and small companies as well as associations and universities.

    Over the years, I’ve worked closely with clients to customize this classic communication content and presentation title to suit their needs:  “Communicating for Success: The Customer Care Edition,”  “Communicating for Success: The Holiday Edition,” and “Communicating for Success:  Dealing with Difficult People.”

    Please take a look at client list and client testimonials.  See below for an example of content provided in this presentation.   I look forward to collaborating with you! Sarita

    BODY LANGUAGE – What are you really saying?

    Match the following body behaviors with the interpretations below:
    ___ 1.  Pointing
    ___ 2.  Rolled eyes
    ___ 3.  Arms crossed over chest
    ___ 4.  Stroking Chin
    ___ 5.  Sighing
    ___ 6.  Standing very close to someone

    ___ 7. Nodding head


    Body Behavior Interpretations:

    1. “Dumb idea!”
    2.  Bored
    3.  Contemplating
    4.  Overbearing
    5.  Aggressive
    6.  “I understand”
    7.  Closed mind


Sarita (right, in green) partnered with Eva Szots of Kaiser Permanente to conduct a series of off-site workshops, including Communicating for Success.