How to Maintain High-Touch Relationships in High-Tech Times

“How to Maintain High-Touch Relationships in High-Tech Times”

From Facebook to email and texting, technology has taken over as the primary means of communication. Yet conversations are still a crucial part of relationship-building, both professionally and personally.   This upbeat presentation will provide real-life strategies for maintaining “high-touch” relationships while taking advantage of the innovations of “high-tech” times.

Presentation highlights include:

  • How to compose reader-friendly emails that cause people to respond
  • Strategies for creating “community” among your eNewsletter readers
  • High-Tech Checklist:  Find out whether your cell phone behavior is respectful or rude
  • 3 clues that you should choose to call rather than email or text
  • How to make the most of networking at the “virtual water cooler”
  • Text Talk: Cracking the code of cross-generational communication
  • Sarita’s Survey:  What the tech savvy suggest for staying connected

    “How to Maintain High-Touch Relationships in High-Tech Times”

    Communication has been the bedrock of my business as a speaker for over 20 years.  When I had the opportunity to be the closing speaker for the HR Managers Association of Jamaica (HRMAJ) conference in November 2012—Thanksgiving Weekend in the U.S.—my research and conversations with the customer led me to incorporate a fresh perspective into my presentations.

    HRMAJ asked if I could tailor the title and content of my customary communication keynote.   They wanted me to address the new normal of relaying information via text, email and other tech tools in addition to face-to-face.

    I welcomed the challenge…then engaged in a ton of research to prepare this updated “Communication 2.0.”

    It was so well accepted that I started adding this presentation to my regular portfolio.

    “How to Maintain High-Touch Relationships in High-Tech Times” is now my most popular keynote topic.

    Companies, conferences and campuses that choose this cutting edge topic are often facing:

    • A cross-generational workforce/membership
    • Employees attempting to stay connected while working remotely
    • Miscommunication due to overuse of tech toys/devices

    Please take a look at my client list and client testimonials.  See below for an example of content provided in this presentation.

    I look forward to collaborating with you!  Sarita 


    Is Your Cell Phone Behavior Respectful…or Rude?

    • Talking/Texting during meetings
    • Shouting into the cell phone
    • Driving—and walking– poorly while talking on cell phone
    • Having a conversation on cell phone/multi-tasking instead of talking with those in your presence
    • Phone conversation on speaker in a public place