How to Be Content

How to Be Content

“What brief thought would YOU share with young women on how to be content…even in tough times?”

That’s the question that I recently posted on Facebook in preparation for a super-short presentation on “contentment”…and the responses I received are useful to EVERYONE, not just young women.

I could have bypassed the opportunity to post this question. I could have just presented my usual stay-positive-play-nicely strategies that I’ve shared in previous blogs such as Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full? and Is This Pie-Worthy?

However, I’m so glad that I decided instead to gather the collective wisdom!

I was overwhelmingly impressed by the quantity and quality of the comments.

My mini-presentation time constraints allowed me to share only a few of the thoughts, so I’ve decided to devote this blog to highlighting more of these rich responses.

I hope the following suggestions help you conjure up that all-is-well-in-the-universe feeling!

Smiley Face in Sea of Sad Faces

  • “Especially in tough times, give yourself some time to think about the decisions you make and prepare for the consequences. Prepare yourself for your future, not just the next 90 days.”
    –Elizabeth F.
  • “I read in a book that if we were to put all of our problems in a pile with everyone else’s, we would gladly snatch ours back.”
    –Kimberly C.
  • “Don’t be afraid to seek and receive help when needed then pay it forward. Find strong [people] in your life who bring out your positive attributes.” 
    -Alexis K.
  • “Understand your limits and live with them; don’t try to be someone you’re not.”
    –Richard M.
  • “Know that now is temporary and everyday accomplishments lead to great achievements. Also, Sylvia Cohen quote ‘Don’t let fear be the boundaries of your dreams.’ ”
    –Salimisha L.
  • “Prayer.” –Jayne H.
  • “Think about the things you are grateful for.” -Erendira A.
  • “Gratitude!” –Freddi P.
  • “Think about your journey so far and what’s made you smile.”
    –Bunmi E.
  • “Don’t measure success based on where you are at…measure it based on where you are coming from.”
    –Donnetta R.
  • “We get to choose how we feel, and we can always reach for better feeling options.”
    –Amy F.
  • “Knowledge that all is good even when it doesn’t look like it in the moment.”
    –Stephanie L.
  • “As a student recently said in a speech ‘comparison is the thief of joy!’”
    –Penny R.
  • “Contentment like happiness is a choice. Choose an attitude that is positive and sustainable.  Life is short.”
    -Debora P.
  • “Practice gratitude daily. This is exactly where you are supposed to be at this moment.  Be here now. “
    -Elise H.
  • “Satisfaction comes from the mind. Being content comes from the heart.”
    Dr. Tina D.
  • “Try to grasp the concept that life is short and take advantage of every second. Be content with what you think, not what others think.”
    –William A.
  • “Look to themselves to make the right decisions about what they want to do. Don’t blame…”
    –Richard D.
  • “Don’t compare yourself to others. Focus on gratitude.”
    –Kim S.
  • “At the end of the day find…positive things that happened throughout the day and your role to make them happen.”
    –Caroline S.
  • “Coming home to my dogs…and my family of course!” –Karen S.
  • “Encourage them to count their blessings and to be thankful for what they have.”
    –Dee S.
  • “Laugh! Be silly.  Don’t let anyone tell you how someone your age ‘should’ act, and for heaven’s sake, be yourself!”
    –Deborah O.
  • “Contentment comes when we’re clear with ourselves about what we’re pursuing and why!”
    –Kristina W.
  • “Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.” –Bernadette V.
  • “Have the confidence to believe you are enough, you have enough, and that you will be okay. And, always find ways to love yourself.”
    -April B.
  • “Breathe.” –Mindy S.