2011 Resolutions From Clients and Colleagues

2011 Resolutions From Clients and Colleagues

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Clients & Colleagues Share
2011 New Years Resolutions

(Partial List)


“Talk more.  Email less.”  -Diann Scarborough, Houston TX

“Work.  Play.  Love.” -Susan Guzzetta, San Diego CA

“Listen more and talk less.” -Stephanie Wong, San Diego

 “Play more.” -Lisa K. Coleman, Tucson AZ


“To be as good a man as my dog thinks I am.” -Dan Collins,
San Diego CA

“Spend less, read more, limit coffee to one cup, be nicer, be grateful for what I DO have.” -Gail Brown, Oceanside CA





“Simplify.” -Rachelle Pilkington, Bakersfield CA

 “Gratitude.” -Anne Donahoo, The Woodlands, TX 








“I want to enjoy my passion working as incentive groups tour manager as well as Amsterdam & Warsaw Guide.
-Monika Doroszkiewicz, Amsterdam, Netherlands/Warsaw, Poland

“Take time for reflection during mini-vacation alone each year.”
-Dee Sanford, San Diego CA

“Enhance fitness and authentic friendships.”
-Dave Pamah, London, England



“Being a mother of 3 and wife, my New Years resolution is to take a few hours a week for me.” –Chelby Cummings, Topeka KS

“I’m going to dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes each day to my social media accounts…” -Adrienne Moch, San Diego, CA

 “My New Year’s resolution focuses on my personal spiritual growth. If I had not had so many prayers and the support of so many over these last few months, I would probably not be here today.”
-John Shirley, Richardson TX 



 “To be a more positive outgoing person spiritually and socially.”

-Oliver Davis, Columbus GA


“Strive to be a better person.” – Chris Stanley, Ft. Lauderdale FL



“Committed to creating BLOCKBUSTER YEAR financially…six-figure income!”  –Bernadette Vadurro, Santa Fe NM

“Simplify, Focus, Express.  By Simplifying my life, I am Focused on what matters most, thereby supporting me to do what I do best:  Express.  -Sheryl Roush, San Diego CA




 “My resolution is to have more FUN! And making sure I am around people who are FUN! –Susan Clarke, San Diego CA