What Box Are You In?

What Box Are You In?

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Check in with yourself during the day.  Ask yourself which of these task “boxes” you’re in.  Or, ask someone else to hold you accountable.


BOX 1 – Putting out fires

  • Let go of perfectionism when task doesn’t require it
  • Use your network – ask for help
  • Ask – What’s the consequence if task doesn’t get done?


 BOX 2 – Someday List  (Important but not deadline-driven)

  • Determine your big picture – use as a “true north”
  • Set bite-size goals
  • Find an accountability partner


BOX 3 – O.P.S. (Other People’s Stuff)

  • Learn to say NO Nicely (“Thank you for the offer, however I’m going to pass”)
  • Pull rank when you have no rank to pull (“Would it be possible to?” “Would you consider?” “How about?”)
  • Use positive phrases:  “I need your help,” “I would appreciate,” “I’m concerned”


BOX 4 – Time Wasting

  • Schedule RELAXATION & FUN…that’s Box 2 and NOT a waste of time
  • Type A people: Give yourself permission to take a break (note to self!)
  • Don’t beat yourself up for getting off track…tomorrow is a new day!