Half Empty or Half Full?

Half Empty or Half Full?

Is your glass half empty or half full?   



To fill the half empty glass, check out the negative phrases and their positive counterparts below.


1.   “I’ll try” >> “I’ll do it”


2.   “That’s a problem” >>
“That’s a challenging opportunity”


3.   “I got lucky” >> “I worked hard”


4.   “I failed”  >> “I learned”


5.    “I’ll have to” >> “I’ll be glad to”


6.    “You make me upset” >> “I feel upset when that happens”


7.    “You’ll have to ask someone else” >> “I’ll help you”


8.    “But” >> “And”


9.    “That won’t work” >> “Let’s give it a chance”


10.  “I can’t do that” >> “Here’s what I can do”