Feel the Fear: An Experiment

Feel the Fear: An Experiment

Pick one or more of the suggestions below  


1. Say good morning for 7 days to each person you see.  Don’t expect a response, just say good morning.


2. At the next social gathering, introduce yourself to at least 3 strangers (not all at once) and chat for a few minutes.


3. Go somewhere alone (movie, party, etc) or be the only “single” in a group.


4. Refuse a date honestly (“I’m flattered, however I’m going to pass.”)


5. Ask for a better table in a restaurant


6. Ask someone to return something you have loaned if  you need it back



7. Start a journal or log book on assertive behavior.  Each day record situations in which you:

a) respond assertively

b) respond unassertively

c) avoid confronting altogether


How did you feel afterwards?  What would you do differently?