Oprah’s Observations

Oprah’s Observations


Oprah’s Observations

I finally had a chance last weekend to watch the Oprah Show Finale which I had taped weeks ago.   I thoroughly enjoyed her 25-year recap.   Some of Oprah’s observations resonated with me so greatly that I thought they were worth sharing.   I hope you also find them valuable, either personally or professionally. 



1.“Not everybody gets paid for it, but everyone gets called.  What’s your calling?”


2. “There’s a difference between thinking you deserve to be happy and knowing that you are worthy of happiness.”


3. “People want to know:  Do you see me?  Do you hear me?  Does what I say mean anything to you?”


4.  “Sometimes I was the teacher and sometimes you taught me.”

5. “Oprah, watching you be yourself makes me want to be more of myself.”  (Oprah viewer email)


6. “Your life is whispering to you.  What is it saying?”


7. “You all have been a safe harbor for me.  Be that safe harbor for someone else!