How to Pull Rank…

How to Pull Rank…

How to Pull Rank When You Have No Rank to Pull

Phrases for gaining cooperation from others when you’re not the person in charge.


Would you be willing to wait until Monday morning if we hand deliver your order?

Could you live with it if we finished up first thing in the morning instead of 5pm today?

We’re finishing up another job right now. How about we get started on your request right after lunch?


I would appreciate extra time to complete this project so that I can do a more thorough job.

I’m currently working on two other assignments for you. I need your help in determining which assignment is your highest priority.

Would it be possible to get this report to you first thing next week instead of Friday afternoon so I could gather more information for you?


I would appreciate your letting me know if there’s been a change in plans.

Would you be open to hearing an idea I have on how we can collaborate?

I need your help in implementing this department reorganization.

What will it take to gain your support?

I need your help in getting everything done before the family vacation.

Could you live with it if we opted out of this weekend’s plans?