Workplace Negativity

I Told You So!

“I told you so” along with “That’s a dumb idea,” “I knew you couldn’t do it” and “What were you thinking?!!” are just some of the nasty comments that may catch us off guard when they come our way.  Even worse is when those well-intentioned, but hurtful comments come from people close to us such as co-workers or family. I…

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Evil Twin vs. Good Twin

Evil Twin vs. Good Twin If you’ve attended any of my presentations, you’ve probably heard me refer to the “evil twin!” I half-jokingly refer to it as our dark side who would have us say things that get us in trouble…at work and at home.  Here are some of my favorite “evil twin vs. good twin” phrases.   I hope you’ll choose…

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Ask for More

Ask for More:  How to Receive Negative Feedback Without Getting Defensive We spend a lot of time and energy figuring out how to constructively GIVE negative feedback. How do we respond when we RECEIVE it?  Do we respond gracefully or do we get defensive? One of my first mentors suggested that we ASK FOR MORE!  I often share the example of…

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